Release and Seal.

I suppose, the reason, if I ever held any bitterness towards a former miss, it’s because she left me when I was furthest from bliss.

First semester in college….overwhelmed with moving and being alone…

Just moved into a new apartment, had a new job, and lost two cars…one of which I had just purchased.

When I had spent money I didn’t have, to move cross state in a truck known to overheat while towing every possession I owned and a heavy heart….

I just…I have every right to be bitter and hate them. But I don’t. I just want them to live a happy life…as far away from me as possible. I don’t want to think about any of them for the next decade. I tried my best at the time. They still left me. Lies, all of them told. I wasn’t even mad. I was hurt.

However, with these words, I seek to release them… I seek to seal whatever hesitations, bitterness, jadedness or experience they’ve granted me. I seek to be naive again. I seek the honesty of being rawlly honest.





No responses to memories.

Think and smile but never pause long enough to talk to echoes.

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